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My name is Daniel and I am glad to have you here!
I am currently working as a Site Reliability Engineer (Ops) with a focus on network and application troubleshooting.
Either there is a slow application or a connection problem, my passion is to find the needle in the haystack..
I need to learn a lot more in that area, but a tcpdumps and other tools helps me in finding application, server and network issues.

My Goal in Writing This Blog

With this blog I wanna share my stories and experience from my daily business. I started to focus this blog on network analysis but my passion is more than that. I like to write about all areas I am working on as SRE Engineer.

Daily (even hourly) I use sentences like “let’s take a tcpdump…” or “I think the best way to start attacking that problem is with a tcpdump…“.
Network tcpdumps (or network captures, traces, whatever you wanna call it…) have been very helpful in my career and usually it always leads to the right path of the problem.
Whether you’re brand new in this topic or you already had the possibility to analyze tcpdumps, I hope some resources in this blog are helpful for you as well.

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I’ve created a dedicated page for my current favorite books in this area. Maybe it is worth a look.

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